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Visual Art

Below you will find a selection of Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky's visual art pieces. Click on the thumbnail photos to see a larger image.

"Fragment Series #2," Monotype, 8x11," 1997

"Fragment Series #6," Monotype, 8x11," 1996

"Fragment Series #4," Monotype, 8x11," 1997

"Obscure Journey", Monotype, 18x16," 1989

"Divergent Forces," Monotype, 18x16," 1990

"Fragment Series #5," Monotype, 12x10," 1997

"Fragment Series #4," Monotype, 8x11," 1997

"Premonition #2," Monotype, 18x16," 1992

"Cracked Foundation," Monotype, 18x16," 1989

These photos are not to be used for any purpose without approval and review from Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky.

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